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I’m Gayla Smith.  My goal as a trained, certified home inspector is to provide you with a through visible home inspection and report that you can understand. 
This well organized computerized report is full of digital photo’s and easy to read narrative to help you make an educated decision on your dream home.

Check out my sample report on the work page.

Radon is another concern.  I became certified for radon testing only to find my own home to have over 15 pCi/l of radon.  I mitigated the radon in my home and then I became the first home inspector in Oregon to become nationally certified for radon mitigation. 
My home was lowered from 15 pCi/l to under 0.3 pCi/l. I no longer do radon mitigation, but I can help you understand the radon mitigation systems.  

I now live in Central Oregon and I am the only Certified Radon Provider within 150 miles.   My radon testing equipment is the Radstar continuous radon monitor.  They are tamper proof and one of the highest quality monitors available.  I can test for Radon quickly and accurately giving you a radon report in a minimum of 48 hours. The reports will show the average and hour-by-hour radon reading.  

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Extensive training in Home Inspections OCHI#1197

Certified Pestiside applicators License #L1009331CPA

Certified Radon Analyst #105577RT 

Certified Level 1 Thermographer #7243
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